Saturday, October 3, 2009

Student Council President!

On Friday, we had elections for student council president and I ran... and I won! My friend Jake is the vice president and we will find out about secretary and treasurer next week.

Also, my school just received the National Blue Ribbon Award. The Blue Ribbon Schools Program is a United State government program created to honor schools. The Blue Ribbon award is considered the highest honor an American school can achieve. Go Huskies!

Avocado accident.

Today we were driving down to Carpinteria to go to a fabric store. As we got close to the exit, there was really bad traffic, and then we realized it was the first weekend in October... time for the Avocado Festival! They had a lot of tents set up everywhere and parts of Linden street closed off, so it took us a lot longer than we had planned, and we didn't have time for the beach because dad and the boys had to get home for conference. We did have time for our traditional stop at Robitailles (the best candy store ever), and we got to eat tri-tip and guacamole sandwiches from the Rotary Club stand. Mine was minus the guacamole, though.

I can't wait to go back for New Year's Eve camping...or hopefully, sooner!

I Have My Own Blog!!!

I am so excited to have my own blog! My friend Cheyenne told me about her blog, this week, so my mom and brother helped me put one together.

My blog is called "The Girl With Her Nose in a Book" because I love to read so much. I will be sure and tell you about all the books I read, in case you think you might like them too.