Thursday, January 7, 2010


"Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!" I'm sure it's snowing somewhere...but not here, and I wish it was. We celebrated a sunny Southern California Christmas, and we had a lot of fun...even without the snow. For Christmas, I got Ipod speakers, clothes, a kayak (for Rincon), Wii Fit (from Uncle Johnny), pajamas, a new barbie doll and a barbie car. Later in the day, we were a little bored, so we went down to Hollywood and saw "A Christmas Carol" at the Disney El Capitan Theatre. We also saw a lot of interesting people. Hollywood is NOT my favorite place! Merry Christmas!

The Best Halloween Ever!

I know, I know...Halloween was more than two months ago... but I have been busy and am catching up. This year we spent a long weekend at the beach house, in Carpinteria, and celebrated Halloween with friends there. We played games, swam, went down to the tide pools, watched the sunset and then we went down to the edge of the water and told spooky stories. My crazy brothers, and their friends, wrapped themselves in foil and went trick or treating as robots. It was so funny! I didn't get to trick or treat this year, but I didn't even miss it. This was the best Halloween ever!

By the way... at our school Halloween parade, I won the award for "Most Original Costume" for my bunch of grapes! It was a lot of fun!