Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thankgiving... and Braces

I haven't posted in a while so before I get into a book post I've decided to do a "catch up" post. For Thanksgiving we went to Utah. We had been hoping it was going to snow and... it did! While we were there we went skiing. We got there on Saturday night and on Monday we went to to the Brighton Ski Resort. Maddie, Taylor, Braiden, and I all had never skied before so we all took lessons. In the two hour lesson we all had we all picked it up and got pretty good. On Tuesday we were supposed to have a giant storm, we were told we might be snowed in. We didn't leave the house so we went out to lunch, played in the snow a lot, went sledding and waited. It was really windy but not much snow. On Wednesday we went and saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows the movie with our friends Ben, Carter, and Ann. Thursday was Thanksgiving and we went to my grandparents house, it was a lot of fun. Last but not least we went skiing again at Wolf Mountain on Friday. Unfortunately, we had to leave the next day, we were glad to get back to some warmer weather.

Also last Monday I got braces. For now I only have them on the top teeth and in nine months I'll get the bottom too. I wasn't very excited to get them but my mom was for me. She insisted on taking pictures...unfortunately.




  1. I think you look darling in your braces...you will be so happy when they are all done and be glad that your parents made you do it!

  2. Oh braces... They aren't super fun when you have them on, but they are totally worth it.

    Glad you guys had fun skiing in Utah. Skiing is my favorite sport!

  3. I absolutely loved seeing you guys on your visit to Utah! I think you look so cute with or without braces!